Proudly paid for by Brownrigg for State Senate 2020.


1204 Burlingame Ave

Suite 1

Burlingame CA, 94010

These are ten values on which I legislate and operate: 

  1. Courage, Compassion, Civility and Common Sense are the 4 Cs of public service for me.

  2. Public resources – including public land and tax revenue – are precious and finite. We must use them for the greatest public benefit.

  3. Leaders should tackle problems for future generations even if it will cause political pain or inconvenience today.

  4. Policy making should be based on facts and science, not Nextdoor or Facebook.

  5. Public resources – including public land and tax revenue – are precious and finite. We must put them to their best use.

  6. Guns should not have more rights than humans. Human safety from gun violence first.

  7. Everyone should have access to effective, affordable health care, including preventative care.

  8. Everyone, especially the least advantaged, should have access to great childcare, early learning, and a world class education. 

  9. We should honor, respect and support the dignity of work of all Californians -- paid and unpaid.

  10. Diversity is a bedrock American value and it is a source of strength for our region, our state and our nation. E Pluribus Unum is not just a motto, it is a way of thinking.


OCT. 16, 2019

CA Senate candidates talk housing during Sunnyvale forum

Brownrigg said he doesn’t support the bill today because he prefers to work with the individual cities...

OCT. 10, 2019

Burlingame officials favor regional housing strategy

As local cities shape unique policies in anticipation of the forthcoming state housing construction mandate, Burlingame officials favored partnering with neighbors to meet...

SEP. 18, 2019

Burlingame moves toward banning flavored tobacco

Following the mounting trend of government agencies seeking to stem the rise of flavored tobacco use, particularly among children, Burlingame officials favored banning sales ...

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