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For California Senate District 13 March 3, 2020 Primary Election

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As a voter, your signature on the Clean Campaign Pledge shows you value candidates’ commitment to respecting the voters, the issues and running a clean, fair Primary campaign. By taking this pledge, you urge candidates to commit to the following:


  • Candidates should run a clean and truthful campaign based on facts and issues

  • Candidates should  focus their campaign on their values, identifying the problems in our community and their ideas for solving them, and allowing that to make their case for why he/she is the best candidate to win the Primary Election

  • Candidates should understand identifying differences on policies, platform or positions is fair as long as claims are factually supported, not distorted and done openly, not clandestinely or behind another candidate’s back or behind closed doors.

  • Candidates should not engage in personal attacks or smears against the other opponents in this race and will condemn these efforts when associated consultants, surrogates or supporters do so publicly or behind the scenes.

  • Candidates should understand that primary attacks are short-sighted because they will need the support of the other candidates and their supporters to win the General Election


By signing this pledge, I understand that Candidates should assume personal control and responsibility for the conduct of his/her campaign.



I proudly take this pledge on the ___ day of ___ 2019.

Mike Brownrigg   [SIGNED 03/11/2019]

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