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1204 Burlingame Ave

Suite 1

Burlingame CA, 94010

He Gets It — And He Gets it Done

Mike's Track Record

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Mike's Brownrigg's

Track Record of Getting Things Done

​Over 30 years in public service, Mike has achieved a long record of practical, pragmatic solutions that have helped his country, his city and region make progress and improve quality of life for everyone. In no special order, here are ten things Mike has done over the years.​

  1. Turning Waste into Energy – Saving the Climate and Money

  2. Affordable housing and increased parking in downtown Burlingame

  3. Financing for new Public Park and Parking Garage  

  4. General Plan to Build a Whole New Neighborhood 

  5. Managing the Budget, Preserving Services, Keeping Promises

  6. Getting Win-Win Compromises for the Public and Project Developers

  7. Negotiated Long Overdue El Camino Real Improvements with Caltrans

  8. Downtown Redevelopment and Town Square  

  9. Environmental Protections   

  10. Gun and Anti-Vaping Safety Laws 


OCT. 16, 2019

CA Senate candidates talk housing during Sunnyvale forum

Brownrigg said he doesn’t support the bill today because he prefers to work with the individual cities...

OCT. 10, 2019

Burlingame officials favor regional housing strategy

As local cities shape unique policies in anticipation of the forthcoming state housing construction mandate, Burlingame officials favored partnering with neighbors to meet...

SEP. 18, 2019

Burlingame moves toward banning flavored tobacco

Following the mounting trend of government agencies seeking to stem the rise of flavored tobacco use, particularly among children, Burlingame officials favored banning sales ...

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